Eye Treatments

BeautyWe offer the following:

  • eyelash tinting
  • eyebrow tinting
  • eyelash perming

Eyelash tinting

Advantages of Eyelash Tinting
1.Effect is very natural
2.Less time is taken applying make up
3.Colour is waterproof and does not smudge or streak

Eyebrow tinting
•Creates a more defined look to the eyebrow on people with darker hair
•Colour is waterproof
•Effect is very natural
•People who naturally have fair eyebrows greatly benefit from having
them tinted.

Eyelash perming
An eyelash perm is a semi-permanent method of curling eyelashes. This is more ideal compared to using eyelash curlers every day, which often times hurt the person eyes. The result lasts a month and with natural-looking curls on your eyelashes, your eyes become prominent and highlighted.


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