Lash Fx Semi Permanent Eyelashes

Lash FX lashes naturally darken the lashes making them fuller and more visible. Lash FX Eyelash Extensions are comfortable on the eyes and very light. They can last up to 12 weeks, when cared for correctly, and we recommend maintenance every few weeks for the best appearance. When applied professionally, they do not damage the natural eyelash, which can be the case with traditional self-applied false eyelashes.

Suitable for every occasion, they will make lashes look longer, thicker and extremely natural, thus making the eyes very endearing and appealing. The more glamorous look can also be achieved, making them suitable for every kind of occasion and customer.

The application procedure generally lasts for around 11/2 hours, which is very comfortable and relaxing for the client, during which the eyes are carefully closed and protected throughout.


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